Melodics Review and Promo Codes

If you want to learn how to master hip hop keyboard or finger drumming you should definitely consider downloading and using the Melodics App. Melodics works a little like Guitar Hero, except it’s compatible with your existing MIDI keyboard or pad controller. 

In this Melodics review we will show you just how simple it is to load up a keyboard or finger drumming lesson that can help you level up your skills.

Melodics has helped over 100,000 musicians to build their finger drumming and keyboard skills (you can also learn regular drumming).

You can get started with 60 free lessons today and attempt more challenging lessons as your skills improve. For example, The first finger-drumming lessons involve simple tasks like timing a kick and snare drum correctly with single fingers on one hand. As you progress, more fingers are added, and then eventually both hands are used.

Melodics Course Overview

Melodics Has 800+ Lessons For Drumming, Finger Drumming and Keyboard/Piano

The free lessons are great but it will cost you $9.99 per month if you want to get the most out of the system.  It really is quite an affordable investment when you consider the price of music lessons these days. This app is definitely going to put a lot of drum and keyboard teaches out of work.

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We love the fact that Melodics allows you to set goals and gives uses an instant feedback score after each lesson. These innovative extras are what makes learning keys and finger drumming seem more like a fun video game, rather than a typical music lesson.

Melodics allows you to set goals which helps keep you accountable

Let's take a look inside Melodics and how it can help you make better hip hop music. 

Melodics Review

Melodics Overview

There are some helpful finger drumming and keyboard lessons on Youtube, but let's be honest, learning by watching videos can be very frustrating and uninspiring. The main reason people quit on their quest to become a better musician is due to lack of inspiration

Melodics Promo Code

Melodics Finger Drumming Training

Melodics makes learning an instrument fun, engaging and inspiring, which means you want to keep coming back for more. 

The real beauty of Melodics is that it listens to how you play, and gives you instant visual feedback on your timing and accuracy. It also learns what you need to focus on and provides lesson suggestions to help you improve your skills as quickly as possible.

Melodics Download

Melodics Allows You To Track Your Performance and Progress

Melodics will work with any keyboard, controller or electronic drum kit that sends MIDI over USB. It also has plug and play support for dozens of kits from major brands such as Ableton, Novation, Akai, M-Audio, Korg, Roland and Alesis. 

The team at Melodics are always adding new lessons from some of the industries best producers, beatmakers and musicians.

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Melodics Finger Drumming Review

Check out the video below to see how Slynk uses Melodics to make better beats. His Melodics review video gives a great insight into the finger drumming lessons.

Melodics Keys / Piano Review

Check out the video below to see how Multiplier uses Melodics to become a better keyboard player. His Melodics review video gives a great insight into the keyboard lessons.

Melodics Drums Review

Check out the video below to see how you can use Melodics drum lessons to become a better drummer.

Who Created Melodics?

Sam Gribben - Melodics CEO

Melodics was created by Sam Gribben, Ex CEO of Serato, in the summer of 2014.

“I’ve wanted to learn to play the drums for years, and it frustrated me how difficult it was to learn. I’ve had lessons, but it always felt so hard to develop the dexterity and muscle memory you need. Melodics makes my practice feel so much more productive and efficient."  Sam Gribben

Who Is Melodics For? Can Beginners Use Melodics?

Melodics Piano and Keys

Melodics Adapts As You Improve

Melodics is perfect for anyone, from beginner to advanced, who wants to learn and improve their skills. Melodics adapts to your progress. The better you get the more challenging the lessons become. 

How Much Does Melodics Cost?

Melodics is free to get started. Simply download the app, connect your instrument to your computer via USB and you’re up and running with a selection of free lessons. Subscriptions then start from as little as US$9.99 per month to access over 800 lessons and courses. That’s way cheaper than traditional lessons and gives you access to some of the best music lessons out there - anytime, anywhere.

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Melodics For Drumming

Melodics, The Guitar Hero For Real Musicians (More Than Just a Game)

Melodics feeels quite addictive, which is a good thing when it comes to learning how to become a better musician. The app hooks you in is by borrowing the kind of gamification techniques you’ll find on popular video games. Melodics was obviously inspired by the super popular game Guitar Hero.'

Melodics incorporates things such as the ability to unlock achievements for hitting combo streaks and getting a certain number of correct notes consecutively. 

Melodics encourages you to spend just five minutes a day trying to increase your skill level. However these gamification techniques make it hard to leave, so you will probably end up spending hours on the program at a time.

 If you love playing video games and have a passion for making hip hop beats or keyboard based tracks you will really enjoy Melodics. However, unlike video games which can often be a waste of productive time, Melodics can actually help you gain skills that you can use in real life.

Melodics Final Thoughts

Melodics offers a new way to learn to finger drum or play keys, with immediate feedback, and tools to help you get in the habit of practicing every day.

The app’s lessons and gamification methods get you motivated and kepp you inspired to keep coming back for more. 

Lessons are created by some brilliant hip Hop creatives and more  lessons are introduced to subscribers every week. 

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