Timbaland Masterclass Review

If you are a beginner hip hop producer and would like to learn how to make beats like a pro, you are going to find this Timbaland MasterClass review very interesting. There are countless videos on YouTube that can teach you most aspects of hip hop production. However, never before have we had the opportunity to learn beat making and vocal production from a Grammy award winning producer like "Timbo".

Even experienced hip hop producers can level up their production skills by applying the advice Timberland shares within his revolutionary new online course.

Beatmakers' around the world are giving very positive feedback about this innovative hip hop production course (we will share some Timbaland Masterclass reviews and feedback from actual uses below). 

Timbaland Teaches Beat MAking

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What Is The Timbaland Masterclass?

The Timbaland Masterclass is an online hip hop production course (consisting of 15 exclusive lessons) that cover hip hop production topics such as:

What really sets Timbaland's MasterClass apart from other online hip hop production courses is the fact that he uses his own platinum hits as examples, while also creating two new songs from scratch.

You don't need access the best beat making equipment and software to use this course.

Timbaland uses Ableton Live for his examples, but you can use any D.A.W to apply the same principles.

At the time of publishing this Timbaland Masterclass review they were offering a free Ableton Live download with the course. You can check if this deal is still available here.

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Timbaland Teaches Hip Hop Production

β€œIn my MasterClass, students will walk away with the essentials to bring their own beats to life, giving them the confidence to find collaborators that believe in their vision as much as they do.”

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Timbaland Masterclass Lessons

What is included in timbalands masterclass

You can see the full lesson list on this page​

Honest Timbaland Masterclass Reviews & Customer Feedback

There are many positive Timbaland Masterclass reviews online. Below you will find a few examples of some helpful feedback from customers of the course. You will also find a video review which gives great insight into exactly what is included in the Timbaland Masterclass, and the kind of experience you can expect after purchasing the course.

Timbaland Masterclass Review Feedback 1
Timbaland Masterclass Review Feedback 1

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Timbaland Masterclass Final Thoughts

Timbaland is iconic in the world of hip-hop production. If you want to make better beats and full hip hop songs you have got to give this course a try. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest hip hop producers of all-time. Tim's passion for making beats is infectious. If you apply the lessons learned in his step by step course there is no doubt you will start making better beats this year. If this course helps you sell more beats online, then it is definitely a worthwhile investment.